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Watch Your Shadow

J. M. Cunningham first began experiencing hip pain when she was in her forties. After moving to Phoenix for work, she began exploring options with her doctors as her hip pain increased and caused her to walk with what she called a “hippy limp.”

With the goal of helping others who are contemplating hip surgery and the subsequent recovery, Cunningham shares an insightful, practical, and often humorous guide that chronicles her experiences as she dealt with chronic hip pain and researched total hip replacement surgical procedures.

While leading others through a step-by-step process that encourages planning, exploration, and informed decisions, Cunningham discusses the differences between hip resurfacing and hip replacement surgeries, reveals what to expect the day of surgery and in the days after, and shares insight into follow-up appointments and in life as patients move forward and embrace a new and pain-free chapter.

Watch Your Shadow is a comprehensive guide to understanding and surviving the journey after deciding on hip replacement surgery.